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“Romeo Juliet” Screening

Hey, MovieGeeks…

This is our second week of “Indonesian Film Festival” and this week, we’ll watch the latest fiction movie by Andibachtiar Yusuf :

“Romeo Juliet”

Its about two soccer fans from different team which actually both team having a slightly dissagrement. Or should I say, both team is much like Dewi Perssik and Julia Perez. And you can guess, the main character fall in love with each other.

But dont worry, its not a remake from Baz Luhrman movie. Its the new interpretation of Romeo and Juliet using soccer.

So, are you interested? Join us at Binus International JWC, Thursday, Oct. 13th 2011 at ROOM 310. Starts at 6 PM.

The producer, Swastika Nohara, will be there to answer all your questions about the movie.

See you there.

Sealed, Signed and Delivered. Im yours.

Cinema Paradiso


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