What’s uppp, MovieGeeks…

What happened with Indonesian horror cinema? Lately you see a lot crazy stuff like Arwah Kuntilanak Duyung hanging out at the theater. It makes you wanna puke?

That makes 7 crazy (by crazy I mean genius) : Ekky Imanjaya, Sheila Timothy, Joko Anwar, Rusly Eddy, Gareth Evans, Timo Tjahjanto, Kimo Stamboel decided to make FISFIC competition a few months ago.

And last November they were peremiering the result at INAFFF. Its called FISFIC 6 VOL. 1 contained 6 movies : Meal Time, Rengasdengklok, Reckoning, Rumah Babi, Effect and Taksi.

If you curious about the movie because you cant watch it last November at INAFFF or simply just because you wanna watch it again, take a note for the date :

Starts at 2 PM

There’s gonna be a quiz with free FISFIC DVD, so you better come. And also, due to limited chair (100-120), maybe you’ll have to RSVP’d with mentioning @BI_Kineclub that you’re gonna come.

Ok. See you, Saturday. And bring lots of people.

Signed, Sealed and Delivered,
Im Yours,

Cinema Paradiso


Little Miss Sunshine Screening

What’s Up MovieGeeks,

Do you miss us? Do you miss me? I know you do.

After all those exams and assignment, a little refreshing is what we looking for. So, this week, we’ll watch the best (dysfunctional) family movies ever and its called : LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE.

Its about this cute, awesome, bad-ass, rockstar little girl called Olive who finally get into Little Miss Sunshine competition. This little fact makes her family : her loser dad, her silent brother, her suicidal-gay uncle, her heroin addict granpa and her pathetic mom finally got together to join this unbelieveably awesome trip.

Its on December 1st, starts at 6 PM. AT ROOM 212. Bring your smile and I’ll give you mine.


Cinema Paradiso


Wuzzzuuuppp, MovieGeeks…

So, this is it. The last week before you have to kiss your own book, your notes and probably stay all nite just to figure out what the hell anthropology is… or something similar….

Dont worry. Before we have a break for about 3 weeks (we’ll start again at December the 1st) we have a little gift for you and its called :


Its a teenage movie, kind of neo-noir, about a guy who try to investigate something and turn everything upside down. Just between you and me, there’s gonna be Mischa Barton laying naked at a bath up.

So, are you in? Meet us, Thursday, November the 3rd. Starts at 6PM. Its in Room 212.

And happy mid-test!

Cinema Paradiso


What’s up, MovieGeeks…

How was your week? Is it nice? Is it fun?

Just wanna say that this week all the gate from hell will open. Its only mean one thing : all mean creatures, supernatural, ghosts, devil, or even Lucifer himself will appear in our world.

How we celebrate this event?

Just simple : bring your black clothes, and come to 212 at our show, Thursday, October 27th 2011 . We’ll watch this retro-scariest-horror-ever-made, Jelangkung. Starts at 6 PM. Its for all of you, Binusians and Cinema Paradiso members.

Dont be affraid to join to the dark side. Cause you know what they say, something forbidden is always nicer.

Sealed, signed and delivered.

Cinema Paradiso


Whats up, MovieGeeks…

This week, we’re gonna watch “MASKOT” directed by the great Robin Moran.

Its about : “A boy is told by his dying father that he can inherit the family business only if he finds a new chicken mascot for the company’s logo printed on the soy sauce bottles. But his quest becomes a nightmare as his father’s assistant does everything he can to stop him from becoming heir.”

Its so interesting, right? So, just remember in your mind : the screening will start at 6.30 PM at Binus JWC Senayan, Thursday, Oct. 20th.

See you there,

Cinema Paradiso

“Romeo Juliet” Screening

Hey, MovieGeeks…

This is our second week of “Indonesian Film Festival” and this week, we’ll watch the latest fiction movie by Andibachtiar Yusuf :

“Romeo Juliet”

Its about two soccer fans from different team which actually both team having a slightly dissagrement. Or should I say, both team is much like Dewi Perssik and Julia Perez. And you can guess, the main character fall in love with each other.

But dont worry, its not a remake from Baz Luhrman movie. Its the new interpretation of Romeo and Juliet using soccer.

So, are you interested? Join us at Binus International JWC, Thursday, Oct. 13th 2011 at ROOM 310. Starts at 6 PM.

The producer, Swastika Nohara, will be there to answer all your questions about the movie.

See you there.

Sealed, Signed and Delivered. Im yours.

Cinema Paradiso

“Fiksi.” Screening

Hi, MovieGeeks…

OK, so last week we’ve seen Accepted as our first Popcorn Movie of the Month. Its like so frickin good, right?

Hold your breath. Its time for our first time screening and our first movie is : FIKSI.

Its about a girl who suddenly saw an interesting man that makes her life become so much interesting. Starring the beautiful Ladya Cheryl and the awesome Donny Alamsyah, its simply roller coaster at best.

And get ready for this, the director, Mouly Surya will be there to answer your questions.

So, the question is : when this party gonna start?

Its Thursday, October 6th at Binus International JWC, Senayan. Room 310.

I guess I’ll meet you there?


Cinema Paradiso